Tips For Reducing Stress

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You need these tips for reducing stress because life offers an abundance of stress in our everyday lives. You can’t avoid stress, but here are some ways to reduce the stress that’s bound to catch up with even the best of us.

Here are some great ways I’ve discovered to bust stress on the cheap:

  • Don’t hit the bottle up – alcohol, while it may feel as though it’s a stress-buster, adds to stress.
  • Don’t say “Yes,” when you mean, “No.”
  • Even if you have to schedule it (which sounds pretty silly), take time each day to relax and do something you enjoy.
  • Clean your house. A clean, decluttered home reduces levels of stress you may not even realize you’re carrying with you.
  • Eat a healthy diet – this can help your body recover from the stress as well as make you feel better physically.
  • Cut off the fat in your life – there are certain things that are very important for your life. Make a list of the most important things, itemize them, then look at the amount of time you’re spending on things that aren’t as important to you.
  • Remember: you can’t control it all. Control yourself, your actions and reactions, and remind yourself that you are responsible for you.
  • Practice better management of time – rather than scurry around from this thing to that, figure out which demands are self-imposed and unnecessary and which are actually going to do you some good.
  • Be realistic about the things you can and cannot do.
  • Keep a positive thought – if things are hard right now, that doesn’t mean they always will be.
  • Get a move on. One of the most important things you can do to bust stress is to get your butt in gear and get moving. Whether it’s a walk around the park or a strict exercise schedule, it’s really important that you get moving and stay moving. Not only does that decrease stress, it also increases levels of endorphins.

Stress is a known killer, so use these tips for reducing stress and live a better, more relaxed life.




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