Tips For A Gluten Free Labor Day Weekend

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It’s Labor Day, go ahead and take the day off! If you have plans to enjoy this great holiday, here are some tips for a gluten free Labor Day weekend.



Gluten-Free Tips for Labor Day Weekend « Celiac Central: Bits and …

“If your plans involve an event or location where outside food is either not permitted or gluten-free food is not available, I always opt for a big breakfast ahead of time like hot quinoa with shaved coconut, sliced peaches and almond milk. Not a fan of warmer meals during the summer months? A smoothie with a banana, blueberries, kale, beets and some gluten-free protein powder has become a staple for me recently. Throw in some raw almonds or a gluten-free energy bar (KIND is my staple) on the side and you’re all set.
For those who will be relaxing on a lounge chair either poolside or in the sand, you can snack on green or red grapes. Try sticking them in the freezer too, it’s a nice plus. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination and are ready to eat them, they should still be chilled! You can also do the same with cherries. If you have access to a nearby freezer you can even snack on these naturally gluten-free bites: slice up a banana, spread some nut butter on top, then drizzle enough hot fudge or dark chocolate to cover the slice. Stick in the freezer for a few hours and you’re good to go! Just remember: keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat, otherwise you will have a chocolate mess on your hands (literally).
Headed to a BBQ? A variety of gluten-free beers have been popping up all over and I think we can all appreciate having a choice. If you have access to a food and beverage store that sells craft beer why not make a mixed pack to taste-test with your family and friends? For those of you in the Philadelphia region, The Foodery is always an excellent choice.”


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