Stop Hair Loss With Onions

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Stop hair loss with onions? Smelly onions for your hair loss? This one worth giving a try. If you are experiencing hair loss try using onions. Here are some recipes that use onions to treat hair loss.

Onion Recipes For Hair Fall: 

Stop Hair Loss With Onions

Stop Hair Loss With Onions

1. Plain Onion Juice: You must be thinking, what complicated beauty recipe do you need use plain onion juice? Think again. It is easy to get onion juice, difficult to get the application right. First of all, you need to blend onions in a grinder. Chop the onions first to get maximum juice out of it. You usually apply hot oil to open your scalp pores. But you cannot heat onion juice. So wrap a hot towel on your head half an hour before you apply the juice so that it gets absorbed easily.

2. Onion And Honey: You need to keep the juiced onion on your hair for at least quarter of an hour. Later on, you must use a mild shampoo to wash it off. It might be stinky, isn’t it? So this recipe will reduce the stench of onion considerably. Whip the onion juice with a bit of honey to make a hair gel. It will make the smell much more tolerable and it is unquestionable good for your hair.

3. Onion And Beer Hair Pack: What is point of having remedies for hair fall that do not add to the glamour of your hair. Thick hair is beautiful only when it is lustrous. To add that add that lustre to the volume of your hair, you must try this hair pack once in a while. Remember the pulp that was left behind after extracted the onion juice? Mix it with coconut oil to make a gel like paste. Now add cup of beer to this. Beer along with onion gives your hair a naturally silky shine. The coconut oil is to give nutrition to the roots.

4. Onion And Rum Concoction: This one is another great recipe to get rid of the strong unpalatable smell of onions from your hair. You need to soak a handful of finely chopped onion in a glassful of rum. Leave it overnight without refrigeration so that the juices can bleed into the rum and ferment a little. You can strain out the onion pieces and use the remaining concoction to massage your scalp. If you have made it in sufficient amount then you can rinse your hair with it.

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