Plantar warts are a kind of wart which is located on the underside of the foot. This wart is around 1cm in size and is usually lighter in color compared to the surrounding skin. They have very small black dots in the center. They have got the tendency to number collectively into groupings. Due to the fact it is on the bottom of the foot, this particular kind of wart will be typically rather flat.

At times it might bring about pain due to the fact of the continuous force exerted on them whenever walking. Additionally, considering this continuous pressure, there is the tendency to grow back inside of the foot.

The Plantar Wart Is Due To A Virus

The plantar wart got it’s name from it’s medical name ‘verruca plantaris’ or just  ‘verruca’.
The human papilloma virus or HPV brings about foot warts. This particular virus is responsible for other type of warts as well. The human papilloma virus can get into your skin through small cuts or scratches.

Plantar Warts Can Be Contagious

Regrettably this virus can be contagious. You may possibly get foot warts from another person. Things that are touched by another person that carries this particular virus can also be contagious.
The human papilloma virus dwells in wet and warm habitats. Therefore bathrooms and swimming pool areas tend to be exceptional habitats for the virus. It’s a great concept to consider suitable caution and not walk bare footed in these places.

Additionally if you’ve got a “plantar wart”, don’t scratch it and after that touch other parts of your body. Pay specific attention  not to scratch it with your other foot because this could also raise the opportunity of getting a foot wart on your other foot too.

You will find many kinds of foot wart remedies that can assist you to deal with this kind of wart. They consist of non-prescription wart removal remedies, surgical wart removal treatment and home treatments for warts.