Oregon Get’s Greener With 160 Miles Of Electrified Highway

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One problem with electric vehicles is the need for charging stations. The state of Oregon has taken steps to tackle this problem.

In an ambitious push to support electric vehicles as part of its goal for a greener future, the State of Oregon has unveiled the longest electrified stretch of highway in the United States. The newOregon Get's Greener With 160 Miles Of Electrified Highway system of electric vehicle charging stations spans Oregon’s southern I-5 corridor a total of 160 miles between the cities of Cottage Grove and Ashland near the northern California border. The “electric highway” has been made possible by 8 new charging stations made up of a combination of DC-rapid-charging stations that can charge a vehicle up to 80% in 20-30 minutes and AC-charging stations that can provide a reliable charge in 3-8 hours. The new stations have been installed 25 miles apart near places of interest such as RV parks to provide EV users easy access to charging and to help squash out “range anxiety” that is sometimes associated with electric vehicles. 

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This is a great jump for a greener future. This will help support the use of electric vehicles now and in the future.