Make Your Own Solar Panels For Your Home

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The present day energy requirements are escalating at a rapid pace on account of growing human population, worldwide. The bulk of energy is generated by coal based thermal power stations that also generate a harmful byproduct, carbon dioxide. Years of discharge of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has caused global warming. This has led to climate change. The rising sea levels and disturbances in local weather cycles are grim warnings of worse yet to come, within the foreseeable future.

Energy 2 Green Manual is an innovative concept that strives to address the ecological crisis by putting forward an alternative that is both non-polluting and cheap. It advocates the use of clean energy sources like solar and wind power. Energy 2 Green is a comprehensive guide that consists of instructions, videos and pictures, schematic layouts to develop and install the solar panel and wind turbine. The solar panel consists of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. The wind runs over the fan blades coupled to a gearbox that drives the generator. The rotation of fan drives the generator to produce electricity. This form of energy is non-polluting and renewable.

Energy 2 Green is a path breaking approach that incorporates cheap technology that will be made widely obtainable to ordinary people, from all strata of the society. People can simply adopt this technology to build and install a solar panel or a wind turbine inside the property. Energy 2 Green provides the self-help kit that simply guides the users to construct the equipment under $200. This can all be carried out in the comforts of garage or house, without the need to have of unique engineering abilities. The electricity generated can power all property appliances and cut the bill drastically by as much as 50%. Excess energy generated could be sold to local power business for monetary gains. Hence Energy 2 Green is both basic and feasible to adopt.

Energy 2 Green System strives to solve the twin issue of pollution and rising electricity costs by providing a novel concept that wants to be embraced universally, on individual level. This will ensure constant flow of clean energy from an inexhaustible source without endangering the fragile ecosystem.