Landscaping Ideas : Garden Bench

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Garden benches can be any style; and Doug Green points out a great many other landscaping ideas at Great gardens range from the very formal to the crazily informal – from the serious to full of gardening whimsy and the benches and seats in a landscape reflects the design.

The main point however is that if you don’t have a place to sit in your garden, the only time you’ll go there is to work.

Sit and enjoy the fruits of your gardening labors!

Entertain in your own style surrounded by the flowers you love to grow.

It doesn’t matter whether your landscape design calls for a garden bench or chairs, nor does it matter which style you prefer. What does matter is that you have them – get a place to sit in your garden.

Benches can also fill the role of focal points in the garden – places to draw the eye to highlight the bench. They can also be disguised or take a secondary role to gorgeous flowers.
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