Home Cures For Angular Cheilitis

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This is some good tips for home cures for angular cheilitis, which is a condition where the corners of the mouth are inflamed.

For the treatment of angular cheilitis, non-prescription remedy for instance vitamin E oil works wonders. It may help bearing in Home Cures For Angular Cheilitismind the damaged are as dry as possible. Other topical antifungals they can double for angular cheilitis treatment. Many of them are nystatin, clotrimazole or econazole. However, before you head for any such medications, it is prudent to see a chemist first, about your condition. As well as over-the-counter medications, you can also take advantage of the following home cures for angular cheilitis treatment. 

1. Remain well hydrated by drinking eight portions of water daily. To make certain the affected region is kept dry, it is easy to drink water having a straw.

2. Cut some fresh slices of cucumber and rub them on the lips and on the area affected. The coolness of the vegetable might help lessen the irritation and pain. Also you can apply aloe to the area or could make usage of honey.

3. Keep a diet rich in green veggies, carrot, spinach, tomatoes, legumes and all other nutritional ingredients. Cover the insufficient vitamin and iron in your body and then determine chlamydia healing faster.

4. Licking the lips will further aggravate chlamydia. So, keep an unflavored lip balm or lipsticks handy, so that, whenever you feel that your lips are getting chapped, keep these things replenished with water.

5. Just try to have the powder of Neem leaf, apply it on the area affected. Neem can also be a great treatment for angular cheilitis treatment.

6. Keep from using cosmetics, lipstick and also flavored toothpaste, a minimum of till the affliction heals.

7. Apply organic olive oil to the lips. It contributes greatly in keeping them moisturized for a long period. Rubbing unsalted butter can certainly be a good method. Even rubbing cocoa butter helps.

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