Getting To Know The Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

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The health benefits of raw honey are varied and impressive. On the other hand, when it is pasteurized, many of its nutritional and medicinal

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

properties are destroyed. Raw honey is merely strained to remove any wax that might be left behind from the comb. If you heat it beyond 120 degrees, the benefits of raw honey are lost. A heat treated product is easy to spot because it will begin as a liquid and get thicker over time. When it is raw, there is a thick texture from the start and there could even be particles visible. Pollen, propolis and royal jelly are frequently found in cold packed products.

The Health Benefits Of Raw Honey Have Been Known For Centuries

Honey contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals. Get your Vitamin B6, thiamine, calcium and more without swallowing a vitamin. An important enzyme and antioxidants are also present in raw honey. People have been using honey for centuries to heal burns and wounds because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal components. In Egypt it was used to heal cataracts and restore skin to its youthful luster. Individuals have used it to treat lung problems, digestive issues, arthritis and ulcers. People use it as a natural laxative. It is wonderful for easing the symptoms of colds and coughs instead of administering cough medicine. Even scientists have taken interest in the properties of this substance. The important fact to note, however, is that heat-treated honey provides only a minimal amount of the vitamins, minerals and other benefits listed above. Raw honey is far more effective for maintaining good health.

Get The Best Health Benefits Of Raw Honey From Local Bees

If your honey is grown locally, it will encourage your immune system to overcome allergies naturally, especially if pollen is still in the mixture. Choose your honey with care. The health benefits of raw honey that is produced by local bees are far in excess of anything pasteurized honey will provide.