In order to get rid of stink bugs it is always better to not crush them. The resulting stench that is released in the aftermath of their death is horrible to say the least. It is a lasting smell and will be difficult to eliminate. Removing or killing the intact insects are much better options than the prospect of crushing them.

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs-Inspect Your Home For Points Of Access

In terms of coming up with ways to achieve the very purpose, it is better to block all channels of access for them. Sealing the house properly with special consideration for these kind of nuisances is always an effective approach. A thorough check of the outside of the house is also required in order to spot any kind of cracks or holes that can be points of access for these creatures. The placement of screens on the doors and windows goes a long way to ensure that there are not any kind of holes. Normally windows, doors, utility pipes, behind of chimney or the bottom of wood furniture are the most probable places where these insects cement their dwelling. Such checks and precautions are verily effective for someone who wants to get rid of stink bugs.

In the case of finding any such holes or cracks, one should cover them up with boards. As an alternate option, cement can be used to seal these gaps on a permanent basis. The latter choice is a better one since cement can mold itself to suit any kind of shape. On the other hand, boards have a definite shape and are solid objects and there is always the chance of these sticking out of the door or window, which may spoil the overall architecture or design. It is highly recommended to get done with this job before there is any time for these insects to start multiplying in number.

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs-Use Water And Soap To Prevent And Remove Them

Normally the reproduction cycle starts during the end of the fall season when the nights start to get colder in temperature. For someone who wants to “get rid of stink bugs”, these tips are definitely going to come in handy. Since stink bugs dislike water, it is a classical technique to use water and soap to prevent and remove them. One can fill a sprayer bottle with water and a bit of dishwashing soap. This mixture can be sprayed on those places where they seem to dwell.

Once again the prospect of not crushing them is verily important. Killing them or removing them in one piece is a mandatory requirement if one does not want the house interior to be occupied by the nasty smell that releases as a result of tearing apart the bugs.

There are other ways to go about solving the problem but those focus on artificial methods and products to accomplish the task. As it is, natural ways are always the best ways and have a clear upper hand over artificial approaches. All in all, the idea to get rid of stink bugs requires proper planning and impeccable execution as the lack of these two elements can land the house owner
into further trouble.