Eat Raisins To Reduce High Blood Pressure

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Who doesn’t love to eat raisins? Now you may have a good reason to munch on this delicious snack.

Eating raisins and soy appears to help ward off high blood pressure, a key risk factor in heart disease, according to two studies presented at a major U.S. cardiology conference on Sunday.

Eat Raisins To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Eat Raisins To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Munching on a handful of raisins three times a day helped people with slightly elevated blood pressure lower their numbers after several weeks, said one of the studies presented at the American College of Cardiology conference.

The randomized clinical trial – believed to be the first formal measurement of raisins’ benefits on blood pressure – involved 46 people with a condition known as pre-hypertension.

That means their blood pres-sure ranged from 120/80 to 139/89, or just higher than normal.

Compared to people who snacked on cookies or crackers, the raisin-eating group saw significant drops in blood pressure, in some cases lowering the top number, or systolic pressure, by 10.2, or seven per cent over the 12-week study.

Researchers are not sure exactly why the raisins work so well, but they think it may have to do with the high level of potassium in the dried grapes.

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Raisins are a good way to help reduce your high blood pressure while providing a good source of fiber.