Earth Hour A Big Success

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Earth Hour, on March 31, was a success. More countries are getting involved including some who participated for the first time this year.

Last Saturday millions of people from thousands of cities and towns across the world celebrated the biggest Earth Hour to date. This year’s Earth Hour was observed by 150 countries from around the world, breaking last year’s record of 135 countries. Several countries participated for the first time including Libya, French Guinea, and Algeria. 

Since its kick off in Sydney, in 2007, Earth Hour has grown from a local event to a widely recognized annual global event, progressively increasing its number of participants yearly. Every last Saturday of March, everyone is encouraged to turn off the lights from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening. The 60 minutes lights off is a stand against climate change, and a call for global action to address it. The event is held at local time in each place and coincides closely with the equinox.

This year’s Earth Hour was also celebrated in major landmarks across the globe. London’s Big Ben, The Great Wall of China, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and many more turned off the lights for an hour to commemorate the event. The Eiffel Tower had an interesting exception: it went dark for only five minutes due to security reasons, as stated by the mayor’s office. Several photo galleries of the landmarks before and during the event can be seen in the Washington Post, BBC News, and Yahoo! News. People also lighted candles and released paper lanterns to symbolically express their stand against climate change.

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