Is celtic sea salt your low-salt diet alternative? You’ve all heard the recommendations, to reduce your salt intake or go on a low-salt diet. Before you start a low-salt diet, you should ask yourself a few questions and consider the facts. Can our bodies remain healthy in the absence of salt? Is there an alternative to common table salt?

Celtic Sea Salt Your Low-Salt-Diet Alternative

Celtic Sea Salt Your Low-Salt-Diet Alternative

Consider this, the fluid surrounding the embryo, the amniotic fluid, is salty. So life begins with salt. Our cells contain salt, we sweat salt, we cry salty tears and our blood is salty. For our bodies to maintain optimal functioning and ideal health, our bodies need salt.

A low-salt diet, for the majority of people, does not work. When sodium levels are lowered, energy levels drop and most people don’t feel as well. The low-salt diet isn’t very effective at maintaining a healthful existence. The human body requires adequate salt intake, therefore salt is critical to life.

Now, you may be asking, are there different types of salt and what types are good and bad for us. There are basically three types of salt; common table salt, processed sea salt and natural Celtic sea salt. Let’s take a look at these three kinds of salt.

  • Common table salt-Salt occurs naturally in many parts of the world. Common table salt is harvested and dried at high temperatures to remove moisture and anti-caking agents, along with other additives, are added. Through this process, trace minerals as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium are removed. The end result is a salt that is toxic and bad for your health.
  • Processed sea salt-Not all sea salts are treated equally. Processed sea salt, which is highly refined, results in a sea salt that has been stripped of its natural minerals. Due to processing, processed sea salt is not much better for you than common table salt.
  • Celtic sea salt-In my opinion, this is the best salt one can use. Celtic sea salt is hand harvested and dried naturally by the sun and wind. There are no anti-caking agents, bleaching agents or any other additives. It has a natural balance of minerals and trace elements. In fact, it contains more than eighty minerals in perfect proportion for our bodies. You can reap many health benefits by replacing common table salt with Celtic sea salt.

The low-salt diet has been pushed on us for years. The human body requires salt to exist in a balanced, healthy state. “Celtic sea salt” provides many health benefits and it does for the body what the low-salt diet is supposed to do. Celtic sea salt tastes good and it is good for your natural approach to living a healthy lifestyle.