Build a worm composting bin and start producing the best organic fertilizer there is. Are you
passionate about organic gardening? Have you failed miserably? If so, I have the answer you
have been looking for! Discover how to easily and effortlessly set up your very own worm

How To Build A Worm Composting Bin

This is what you need to get started. Three plastic totes, a drill, some clay flower pots and some cardboard

farm and grow abundant amounts of healthy organic vegetables.

Build A Worm Composting Bin For The Best Organic Compost

If you have considered starting a worm farm, if you are interested in producing the best organic compost known to man, then you have come to the right place. Imagine the shock of your friends when they see your plants and vegetables growing as if on steroids. In just a few days you can have your worms composting some of the best organic compost known to man! It’s really simple to build a worm composting bin.

I got started worm farming out of frustration. You see, I was sick of using chemical fertilizers that I knew was unhealthy for my family. The results were, to say the least, average production. Man it was frustrating…..BIG TIME

Then I started composting. I felt good about my results, but it took so much time to produce enough

Building A Worm Composting Bin

You should drill 1/4" holes all along the top two of the containers

usable compost for my garden. And I felt good about doing my part to help save the environment. Then I discovered Worm Composting! I did some research about worm farming and found out how to “build a worm composting bin”. I then set up my first worm bin. After collecting the worm casting and utilizing them in the garden, the results were WOW! What a change in my garden! In a few short weeks after collecting my first worm compost, I noticed:

  • My plants were looking healthier
  • They were growing so fast, I swear, I could almost see them growing before my eyes
  • Then came harvest time, I was begging people to take some vegetables. I was picking daily!

Build A Worm Composting Bin And Grow Beautiful, Robust Plants

And IT Just Got Better And Better. I now grow beautiful, robust plants that produce like crazy!

Worm Composter

Also drill 1/4" holes in the bottom of the same two containers

All my friends are in awe. It is catching on around here like wildfire! Now all my friends want to get into worm composting. It’s addicting in a good way.

Worm composting is fun and it’s educational. It’s a great project for your kids. You have always got free fish bait. Oh, did I mention that it’s dirt cheap to get started. Do yourself a favor, follow this guide and build a worm composting bin.






Worm Bin

This is a view showing how I drilled the holes












Stacking Worm Bins

This is the worm bin sitting inside the container with no holes in bottom. The bottom container collect the worm tea.














Worm Bin Design

This is the clay pots used as risers in the bottom container used to catch the worm tea
















Worm Composting Bin

Another view of the worm bin













Vermiculture Bin

Next place cardboard in bottom of worm bin. This helps keep your worms inside the bin untill they become adjusted to their new home














Worm Composter Bin

Next place the larger clay pots inside worm bin to act as risers













Vermicomposting Bin

This is showing the second bin on top of the first bin. When the worms have produced enough compost simply place this second bin on the risers in the lower bin. Provide new bedding and food in upper bin. The worms will naturally go to the new food source in the upper bin, via the holes in the bottom
















Build Your Worm Bin

You must drill holes in the top because your worm need air just as you do













Stacked Worm Bin

The completed stacking worm bin












Worm Bin For Worm Farming

Here I'm adding shredded and soaked newspaper as the base bedding material













Worm Bin Bedding

another view of the Worm Bin Bedding













Worm Farming

I like to add some mushroom compost as a starter bedding. Be sure to prepare the bedding days before placing worms in their new home.














How To Worm Compost

Worms love coffee grounds and the filter too!













Worm Castings In Worm Bin

My worms in their happy home producing organic worm compost!














Red Wigglers In Worm Bin

I love my worms!