Best Laying Chicken Breeds

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What are the best laying chicken breeds? Have you ever considered raising chickens for eggs and possibly for meat? Chickens are a great way to be self sufficient and they make great pets as well. Here are some choices to get you started.

Chicken Breeds for Homemade Chicken Coops

chicken breeds

The first is the Plymouth Rock. It’s a breed that actually comes into different varieties. This breed is perhaps the best among different breeds of chickens. They are not that too delicate animals and so they are very easy to take care of. Plymouth Rock can reach up to 9.5 pounds which makes them an exceptional breed for meat production. They are also excellent brown egg layers with a considerable productivity rate. With those remarkable qualities, they are considered as dual-purpose chicken breed which means that they can be an exceptional choice for either egg or meat production.

Another poplar breed among different breeds of chickens is the Rhode Island Red chicken. Just like the Plymouth Rock, they are also one of the most common breed typically found in the backyards. They appear red in color or somewhat like rusty. A full-adult Rhode Island Red chicken doesn’t weight as much as the Plymouth Rock but can still produce a good amount of meat. They also produce brown eggs in high quantity. One outstanding quality about this breed is that it is not that sensitive breed as it has high tolerance against abrupt changes in the environment most especially when it comes to weather conditions.

chicken breeds

The leghorn is another favorite breed preferred by most chicken raiser. It originated in Italy but is now widely popular among modern raiser. It appears white in color. One remarkable characteristic about the leghorns is that they are one of the most productive white egg producers and so they are more preferred for their eggs. But unlike the previous breeds, Leghorns tend to be noisy and clever if they escaped.

Next is the Jersey Giant. From the name itself, this breed can reach an outstanding weight of 13 pounds. Thus, Jersey Giants are more preferred for meat production.

The Bantam breed has the most varieties among different breeds of chickens. They can be excellent pets because of their small size and unique feathers. Some of the most popular bantam breeds are those from China and Poland. They are certainly not an ideal breed for meat and egg production.

The Ameracuanas are very popular not only for their fluffy feathers around their head but they are also known to produce blue eggs. Oftentimes, they are considered as pets rather than as meat birds. They can grow in average weight.

The Cornish chicken breed is also one of the most popular breed. They originated in England. They are very popular because they quickly grow making them exceptional for meat production. The only downside is that they are not as adaptive with their environment and easily die under hot or cold weather conditions. ……”

Best Laying Chicken Breeds

I hope this information helps you discover the “best laying chicken breeds”. Remember to start small and grow as you learn and most of all, have fun.

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