Backyard Aquaculture-Aquaponics For Your Organic Gardening

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An aquaponics system can easily be set up in your backyard. But, why would you want to go to all the trouble? If your like me and enjoy growing delicious homegrown, organic vegetables, then that’s enough reason. Did you know that you are also producing fish that you can eat? The advantages of an aquaponics system are many. What about the elimination of weeding! Be sure to watch The Urban Farming Guys video below, as they detail how to set up an aquaponics system.

One Fish’s Trash, Another Plant’s Treasure: The Magic Of Aquaponics

Aquaponics is based on an elegant water loop between fish and plants. Fish waste provides nutrients for the plants, while plant roots filter water for the fish. Plants are fertilized organically and the need for fish waste disposal is eliminated.
Backyard Aquaculture-Aquaponics For Your Organic Gardening
Aquaponics reuses water very effectively and has a lower environmental footprint compared to other fish and plant growing operations. It is ideal for areas with water scarcity issues and concerns over pollutants and chemicals in plant production. The scale of systems can range from commercial to home use, which makes aquaponics a viable option for urban farmers.

How to Set-Up An Aquaponics System

Aquaponics is an excellent way to grow your vegetables. This is a subject that I will be posting more on in the near future. So get at it, Go set up your aquaponics system.

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