All You Need To Know About Soil In Ten Steps

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Soil is just one of those things that for some is extremely dull and for others, like gardeners, is quite exciting. For those that get excited by soil, here are five things you may not already know.

1. About twenty-five percent of the world’s soil is damaged regularly by farming practices such as excessive tilling.

Two: Soil might not be where most people would choose to make a home, however, in an acre of soil, up to ten tonnes of animal life can live happily.

Thirdly, it is estimated that food is grown on about 10% of the world’s land in order to provide food for both human-beings and animals.

4. So that plants can find the necessary water, their roots can travel through the soil at about ½ inch per day which is quite extraordinary.

Fifthly, it is amazing to think that a simple earthworm is able to digest about 36 tons of soil before recycling it back into the soil layer making it rich and nutritious.

6. At least 1 million earthworms could possibly be found in just one acre of rich grass land – although counting them might be a problem.

7. Just 1 spadeful of soil could contain more species of living things than the Amazon rain forest contains in total above ground.

8. Some wildlife that likes to bury nuts and seeds into soil to keep them safe, are actually helping soil get richer as the items decompose over time.

Nine: Just one handful of clay, which can be found in soil, has more particles than all of the people on Earth put together.

Tenth, soil is made up from minerals, air, water and organic matter at 45 percent, 25 percent, 25 percent and 5 percent respectively.

Soil is clearly a massive subject and to know everything about it could take you some time. However, most people don’t have that much spare time to learn about soil, and so this list points out the most interesting.