A Cheap Hydroponic Setup For Your Organic Garden

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Anyone who follows this blog knows of my belief in the benefits of organic gardening. Organic gardening utilizing hydroponics is a further option that is well worth consideration, in my opinion. Being frugal, I’m always looking for cheaper options, so I’ve including an excellent video that explains a cheap hydroponic setup.

Can You Do Organic Gardening With Hydroponics? | Organic …

If you love organic gardening, but would prefer less hard and dirty work, than hydroponic gardening may be a viable alternative. Hydroponic gardening involves growing plants in a nutrient solution rather than soil. The advantage of hydroponics is that you do not have many of the same problems that affect soil grown plants. Also you have more control over the nutrients that feed your plants. It is easier to vary the nutrients that the plant receives at various stages of its development ensuring optimum growth.


Instead of soil, a porous growing aggregate is used. This can include sand, vermiculite, gravel, coconut coir, clay balls or perlite. This allows air and nutrients to circulate more freely allowing a better distribution of oxygen and food to each plant. Nutrients and water are fed directly to the roots which enable the plant to spend more of its energy growing above the soil rather than pushing through soil to compete for nutrients.

Because the roots are smaller the plants can be grown closer together thereby conserving space. This can mean everything grows faster and produces higher yields within a smaller space. Hydroponics is so versatile that NASA has explored the use of hydroponics in their space programs and possible use of hydroponically grown food on planets such as Mars.

Hydroponics isn’t new – the Ancient Babylon’s built the hydroponically-engineered ‘hanging gardens of Babylon’ in the palace courtyard located just outside of present day Baghdad, Iraq. Also the floating gardens of the Aztecs of Mexico and those of the Chinese. Archeological evidence shows that when soil isn’t ideal for agriculture, hydroponics’ was often a viable alternative. organicgardeningtips101.com/can-you-do-organic-gardening-…”


A Cheap Hydroponic Setup


Hydroponic gardening is a great choice for growing plants indoors or outside. There is a small expense to get your hydroponic system set up, but for a cheap hydroponic setup, the system should well pay for it self. Your hydroponic setup should yield delicious organic produce for your table, as-well-as, possibly producing enough to sell for profit.